Why Free Software?

Jeremy was asked to take part in the Free Software Foundation's video campaign entitled "I use Free Software, and I support Free Software", which launches on Monday, and decided to do something targeted at Windows users, and salesman-like :-).

Ellen Ko spent half a day coaching him through "about 20 bloody takes, most of which were disastrous and ended up with me screaming into the camera after screwing it up one way or another."

Finally they got "a perfect take", but Jeremy realised he'd got an important fact wrong, and had to start over again the next day.

This time Jeremy "was bare from the waist down of course (as are most newsreaders :-) )."

Cat Allman helped this time around and it only took another 5 - 6 takes to get it right. "But I still look like I'm reading it off a script (which I bloody was :-) )."

"I have so much respect now for people who create movies :-)."

The result can be found here:


Jeremy wants to thank Ellen Ko and Cat Allman for their help, and patience.


I Liked it!

Mr. Allison.
It's apparent that you weren't totally comfortable in front of a camera, but what shines through most brightly, in your video, is the sincerity with which you expressed yourself.

If sharing good information - delivered clearly and simply - was the goal, then you succeeded beautifully.

I liked it! :)

I liked it, too... :-)

Thanks for doing this... Keep up the great work..

Thank you for supporting the cause of software freedom

LibrePlanet Italia would like to thank you for your time and support to our cause of software freedom.

Happy hacking.

Graziano Sorbaioli - sorbaioli.org

LibrePlanet Italia Founder

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